So here, back in Spain it rains and it rains. The ground is considerably waterlogged and the Pantano is overflowing to the point of jeopardy! No really, the small nearby village of Cacin is at R-E-D alert, in plain English; red, if the dam either, a) breaks or b) overflows. We have entire Cacin families in our village, holed up in the attics of relatives, or adversely we have families who will not even visit their relatives in Cacin for fear of drowning! It is apocalyptic here in the extreme!

Imagine my horror when visiting the Ferreteria to discover that guttering had quadrupled in price since last year! Our neighbour is turned nearly mad with the Chinese water torture that has been the bane of her life since we departed in December, along with a substantial strip of our guttering, although that was incidental and certainly not intentional. I could get little sense out of her, she just kept pointing at the green swathe of colour deposited on our exterior walls from the spilling of so much rain from a broken gutter. The poor woman. However, with a hacksaw and an analytical mind I have been able to divert the water away from the green swath, and in true Heath Robinson style have aimed it out across the roof terrace diagonally to the closest down pipe. I amazed my self with my ingenuity here and feel there could be a future for me in irrigation should times get really hard! By the way the Ferreteria and the Ferretero (hardware dealer) are worth a post all of their own at some point.