Alice’s Cheshire Cat in Spain

I am back in Granada after a very long drive and look who tried to hitch a lift! We stopped at junction 242 on the caratera de Andalucia. This is the junction where Watership Down meets Donnie Darko and bunny rabbits are stuffed, booted and dressed. See an earlier post here. So maybe the cat was trying to make a genuine dash for it before being dressed up as a Cossack or something. Anyway the local rabbits are put in Barbie Doll outfits and then set loose for the shoot (probably not that way round but I can’t help myself) stuffed and sold in cellophane boxes for 60 euros to children who know nothing of the plastic, size 0 look-a-like bimbo’s.

The rain here is colossal, the floods cover vast areas, but the people are sanguine that it will all be for the best. The drought is over!

Below a longing last shot of the crocus outside the shed in Sussex, Bill and Queen Bess (Mr. and Mrs. to those they favour) are very familiar with this clump, it’s where the post lady walks, not sure what they (QB & B) will make of the foreign puss though.