Some work from the last Kiln Full

A great firing by all accounts was the order of the day! I had to stay with them at the studio in the mountains this time. It took me 5 hours to pack the kiln with a very elaborate stack of kiln shelves and props to protect each pot from temperature fluctuations. Did I mention it was 38 degrees outside? Above is The Seaside Pleasure Vase. 33 cm tall and a pleasure to paint with all those colours!

The botanical commission ginger jar above was huge amount of work with a lot of cutting in, happy to say it came though without a blemish I always worry about copper flashing with a pot like this. All sides of this piece can be seen on Facebook.

I am just MAD for this one. It is so cute and that lid is just like a mushroom cap. 23 cm tall. Loads of noxious oxides to get the reds and yellows so bright. The pot is quite stable now though, it is only my health that was at risk while I painted it.

The pair of Art Deco inspired shell jars. 21 cm tall

And I have started making the ray dishes again. I had forgotten how mush scraffito one of these takes. but worth the scratching for the effect. The one below was done by my new assistant. 10/10 for her work!