Small Mrs Whippy Ice Cream Jar

Mrs Whippy Ice Cream Jar is a current studio piece and part of the ongoing collection of work on ‘Restorative Nostalgia’.

Standing at 21 cm tall this is a small perfectly proportioned intricate jar. It is available from Oink Gallery in Swindon at £550.  This jar was presented at the Crafts Potters Association as part of a group of 6 top chosen pieces. The submitted works were assessed for professional membership at the CPA; notification should be available by the end of 2017.

  • Approximately 21 cm tall
  • The jar is entirely handmade and painted by Kitty
  • The sea green colour is copper oxide, other colours produced by mixing ceramic stains
  • Impressed stamp to base with potters own seal and signed Kitty Shepherd
  • Glazed with a transparent, glossy glaze to 1120°C
  • Completed in September 2017