New Works

It has been weeks since I posted anything up. A combination of catching a horrid cough which ended up with my having to take antibiotics (still not gone) and a trip back to England. So I haven’t been working and neither has my computer which decided to give up the ghost at roughly the same time. But now I am tooled up again with a lovely new one with 2 screens which is fabulous and now my desk looks and feels like the flight deck of the Star Ship Enterprise.
I am working on two pots at the moment, a commission (not shown) and this one which is big. Here I am putting on the background, a labour of love, but I can hold it in Clingfilm and pick it up and put it down with out a worry that it is going to dry up. I did the lip and neck fist as this is the hardest part to keep damp. I have worked this pattern before on the Dyson vase, to keep the brightness in the colours I have to fill in with the black slip aroubd each flower.