Lost Dog finds a New Owner

Before I moved my workshop to Spain I taught in a prison in Sussex. It was a job that I thought I didn’t want to do, but what did I know (nothing it seemed). I was talked into it by the then head of education and he was right to. I also took on the work of organising the prison art awards with The Koestler Trust a national prison arts charity. It involved working with anyone interested in submitting their work each year to Koestler hoping to win an award. Such amazing talent and potential came out of this and it did change lives. At that time all the work had to go to Wormwood Scrubs for judging and I had to take it there, which was a big eye-opener!
Even now I still hear from my students of that time and those who turned their lives around though art and so when I was asked to donate a piece for work for the exhibition “Art as Opportunity” (showing now Downstairs at Mother at the Biscuit Building, Redchurch Street in Shoreditch) I did. 100% of sales go directly to supporting their work for the future. My pot has sold I am happy to say. “Lost Dog” from 2007 was a piece I wanted to keep (I don’t keep many), but when this opportunity to send it forward came along it seemed like the right moment to hitch the lost dog with a new owner. After all it was made when I worked as a prison teacher and it had all the connections to that time buried in its meaning.
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